How do I check if an accountant is registered?

How do I check if an accountant is registered?


How to Check If an Accountant is Registered

Why Checking an Accountant’s Registration is Important

Choosing the right accountant is a critical decision for individuals and businesses alike. An accountant plays a vital role in managing financial matters, providing advice, and ensuring compliance with tax regulations. To safeguard your financial interests and ensure you’re working with a qualified professional, it’s essential to verify whether the accountant you’re considering is registered.

How do I check if an accountant is registered?
How do I check if an accountant is registered?

1. Check Professional Licensing and Certification

One of the primary steps to determine if an accountant is registered is to check their professional licensing and certification. Certified Public Accountants (CPAs) are required to be licensed in the jurisdiction where they practice. You can contact the appropriate state or regional licensing board to verify the accountant’s credentials.

Steps to Verify Professional Licensing:

  1. Contact the relevant licensing board for accountants in your area.
  2. Provide the accountant’s name and license number, if available.
  3. Confirm the status of the accountant’s license and any disciplinary actions, if applicable.

2. Use Professional Directory Websites

Several online directories and databases list registered accountants and their credentials. Websites like the American Institute of CPAs (AICPA), state CPA societies, and other professional organizations provide search features to verify the registration status of accountants.

Steps to Verify Using Professional Directory Websites:

  1. Visit the official website of relevant professional organizations or licensing boards.
  2. Use the search function to look up the accountant’s name or license number.
  3. Review the provided information to confirm the accountant’s registration status.

3. Cross-Check with Regulatory Authorities

Government regulatory authorities often maintain databases of registered professionals, including accountants. Depending on your country or region, there might be a government agency responsible for overseeing accountancy practices. These agencies typically provide an online platform to verify an accountant’s registration status.

Steps to Cross-Check with Regulatory Authorities:

  1. Identify the appropriate government agency responsible for regulating accountants.
  2. Access their online portal or database.
  3. Enter the accountant’s information to confirm their registration.

4. Seek Recommendations and References

When searching for a reputable accountant, don’t hesitate to ask for recommendations from colleagues, friends, or business associates. Personal references can provide insights into an accountant’s professionalism, reliability, and registration status.

Steps to Seek Recommendations:

  1. Contact individuals who have worked with the accountant in the past.
  2. Inquire about their experience, the accountant’s performance, and their registration status.
  3. Consider multiple recommendations to form a well-rounded opinion.

5. Verify Professional Affiliations

Registered accountants often hold memberships with professional organizations, which require adherence to specific standards and codes of ethics. Research the accountant’s affiliations and verify their membership status with the respective organizations. Read this link.

check if an accountant is registered

Steps to Verify Professional Affiliations:

  1. Identify the professional organizations relevant to the accountant’s field.
  2. Visit the organization’s website or contact them directly.
  3. Confirm the accountant’s membership status and any associated credentials.


Verifying an accountant’s registration is a crucial step in ensuring you’re working with a qualified and trustworthy professional. By following the steps outlined in this guide, you can confidently make informed decisions about your financial matters and establish a successful working relationship with a reputable accountant.


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